We volunteered this morning in the kitchen at Project Angel Food, preparing and packing meals for ill and homebound residents of LA County. Erik mixed up fish-frying batter (with a giant whisk!), Meri and I packed slices of cherry crumb pie and loaded food trays onto a nifty sealing machine, and Eurie picked over parsley and scooped “wily” green beans into trays (the beans were difficult to corral). It was fun and quite draining, but by the end of the four-hour shift, we’d helped make 1500 meals. We crawled to Los Balcones del Peru and ate our own lunches gratefully and hungrily. Yay chaufa!

I feel we didn’t do much this weekend, and yet it went by so quickly. Now it’s time for bed and back to work tomorrow. Sigh. Where does the time go?

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2 responses to “Nourishment

    • I don’t know! I sent one out back in December suggesting a number of dates and asking for responses by a certain time. I don’t remember whether this was after you left on your cruise. At any rate, we may do it again in a month or two.

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