Holiday schedule

Friday, 21 December: twobugs and twokitties drive from LA to San Jose
12-21-07, 2pm – arrived safely. Tisha is a good cat and Lyapa is a grump-ass… in other words, no surprises there.
Saturday, 22 Dec: seventeen members of our family fly from San Jose to New Orleans
Sunday, 23 Dec: we depart from New Orleans for the western Caribbean
Monday, Christmas Eve: at sea
Tuesday, Christmas Day: at sea
Wednesday, 26 Dec: Roatán, Honduras
Thursday, 27 Dec: Belize City, Belize
Friday, 28 Dec: Cozumel, Mexico
Saturday, 29 Dec: at sea
Sunday, 30 Dec: return to New Orleans and fly back to San Jose
–exhaustion, most likely, as well as pie-baking, friend-seeing, etc–
Saturday, 5 January or so: twobugs and twokitties drive back to LA
Sunday, 6 January: exhaustion, definitely
Monday, 7 Jan: twobugs return to work.

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One response to “Holiday schedule

  1. i am bummed that we won’t be able to see each other this winter! 😦 but will see you soon… hope you’re having fun in the caribbean! – alison

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