After two months of art classes…

… I’m getting better at the technical skills of drawing.

I did this in about two hours this evening:
2007 Oct 28 - Self-portrait

Compare with this self-portrait from February of this year:

Of course, the style is totally different, but I’m slowly training my eye so I can more accurately reproduce what I see. The realistic style of today’s drawing would have been totally impossible for me to achieve at the time I did the Valentine comic. It doesn’t quite look like me, yet, but it at least looks like an actual person, and a person with character at that.

Yay progress!

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8 responses to “After two months of art classes…

    • Drawing class through UCLA Extension, and painting/”two-dimensional design” through LA City College. The drawing class had more influence on the style of the sketch, but I’m logging more actual hours art-making in the LACC class (8-10AM twice a week!).

  1. awesome! good work in 2 hrs 🙂 i think though the drawing in the comic one manages to capture your personality (your expression?) very much. i have always found that drawing your own self portrait accurately is one of the hardest things and the most revealing things ever. so much fun :). – alison

    • Tank you. 🙂 Yes, there’s something to be said for drawing spontaneously and not trying to meticulously recreate shadows and etc. I was just thinking about drawing comics last night, and how to reconcile cartoony expression with my new ability to actually draw shadows. 🙂 That’s something I’m going to have to work on!

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