Don’t think – just answer!

Would you rather be:

1. Smarter or sexier?
2. Sexier or richer?
3. Richer or smarter?

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10 responses to “Don’t think – just answer!

  1. I think it would depend on how much sexier or how much smarter. I would rather be a little sexier than a little smarter because I’m dumb enough that being a little smarter won’t make a big difference. But if it was between genius and supermodel I’d be a genius.

    With the sexier or richer or smarter, same thing, but it would depend on what would make me more money.

    • I really is hard to answer these questions without thinking. 🙂

      Erik and I had a conversation after I posted this about whether one could do more good in the world by being extremely smart, extremely rich, or irresistibly good-looking.

  2. smarter, sexier, smarter. Then I would take over the world with my irresistible good looks and save mankind from evil corporate fashion bad guys and they would call my look “the shotgun” but my friends would die from a freak starbucks-latte-involved explosion. Oh wait, that does sounds like a movie I recently watched. Nevermind.

    Love and HUGS Margaret

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