Another DDP

Am I off hiatus now for daily drawings? Not sure yet. But here’s one for today, at any rate.

I always get the proportions/motion wrong. Maybe I should draw from photos more, or from life (go out and sketch, or take more figure classes)? I guess I’m a little unwilling to put in that kind of tedious slogging when I’m still not sure yet what I want to do with my drawings.* But maybe it would be fun.

Hazy day today, flat and grey-skied. I stopped off at the Russian deli after Pilates and went completely overboard with fried fish, cabbage and straw mushroom salad, and borscht. My body is happy, but outside it’s still grey. It leaves me in a bit of a funk. I think I’ll go take a shower.

*little note on this in a protected entry [which remains protected]

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4 responses to “Another DDP

  1. Ni bispakOjtesj

    I’m sure eating Russian food will perk you up. Nothing says “to hell with this miserable weather” like some good borscht. Don’t forget to wash it down with some vodka.


    • Re: Ni bispakOjtesj

      Thank you, Patrick. The Russian food is great. They have this fried seabass with tomato sauce on top that I just tried today… amazing!

  2. i highly recommend taking a figure drawing class. figure drawing was one of my favorite classes in college. i put it off for a really long time because the idea of drawing nude people freaked me out. but after the inital shock of oh my they have no clothes on, it’s not even an issue. it all becomes line and form (sorry if that sounds like i’m objectifying the human body. i’m not – it’s just really amazing). i wished i had not waited so long to take a figure drawing class. 😉 grid drawings (though mundane) are also helpful in getting angles and lines right. sometimes it’s a really subtle difference, and having a grid helps! lisa, you rock! 🙂 alison

    • Good suggestions

      I think you’re right, Alison! You’ve reminded me that the only drawing classes I’ve taken were children’s classes, and I should really take an adult art class. I will look into the figure drawing. 🙂 Thank you!

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