A small photo essay

Here is a very healthy vegan dinner.

We have, clockwise from top left: sautéed chard with garlic, beet slices, black beans with green onions, and jasmine rice. All arranged in the proper ratio of 2:1:1 (vegetables, protein, carbs). Very nutritious. Very balanced.

Here is our boy cat, Tisha.

Tisha is a very strange cat. He has a ridiculous, almost desperate love for beans, any kind. Do you see the longing in his eyes? From a normally unnaturally well-behaved housecat, he becomes a persistent, doglike beggar-at-table and trash-digger whenever there are beans to be had.

“Clearly,” he is thinking, “if they see my chin on the table, they will let me have some of their dinner.”

Failing that, he gazes upon me with eyes of great desire.

Silly cat!

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