Yay me

I just ran for about fifteen minutes, yay! Some of it was uphill, too. My chest is kind of tired now, but otherwise I feel good. I’ve been logging my health info in my KnockKnock journal for two full months now, but I’m deriving a great deal of gratification from doing it online these days with Body By Glamour. Sign up and we can be friends and monitor each other’s progress! That’s what Shra and I are doing. I am proud of her for doing it too. 🙂 *hugs*

As proof that Erik and I went running, two photos I took today with the new camera (still haven’t had a chance yet to read the manual!):

No, we didn’t run this hill, but we’ve walked it before. It’s steep enough that I have to stop several times on the way up.

The view from where we ran to:

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