An Early Valentine

I read a friend’s journal and became sad. My friend, I offer this to you, as evidence that you are not replaceable in this world.

But also, for everyone else who is reading this, this is for you too.

[image lost]

My dear, you are worthy.
My love, you are loved.
My friend, you are necessary.

There is a piece of my heart and my world that you hold up, just by existing. The day that I met you, that piece was born; without you, particular you, that piece would die. This piece is your gift to me, and to everyone you have ever loved and who has ever loved you. There is nothing that you can do or undo to change that. This piece will always belong to you.

Without you, that piece of my world would fall apart. And all the other pieces of other people’s worlds that you have made in your time on this earth would also collapse. The world would cease to be as it is, would lose a part of itself, without all the little pieces of heart that you have sparked into being, just by being you.

You my darling and beloved friend
You the keeper of a piece of me

You are enough
You are embraced
You are loved.

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8 responses to “An Early Valentine

  1. I love you.

    Thank you. You have helped a part of me heal. And the tears I shed are cathartic. Yet, words cannot express how grateful I am for your friendship. I have been blessed by your spirit and I will always treasure you.

    • Re: I love you.

      Writing to you, and hearing from you, have helped me heal a little bit too. I’ve had a hard time feeling good about myself and my life in this quarter so far. I seem to spend a lot of my time doing nothing and then berating myself for the pointlessness of my existence… I don’t know what makes us do this to ourselves, but friends and love at least are things to be thankful for.


      I love you too. 🙂

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