Quasi-stream of consciousness

Whatever is playing on KUSC right now is incredibly beautiful, and the website is not showing the title so I don’t know what it is!

People actually liked my short story. We critiqued it today in class. Wow. I don’t know what to make of this, because although I loved the story while I was writing it, after a few days I thought it was not very good. This just goes to show you can never predict what people will do. [see below for pingback, to read story excerpt]

I made a fabulous cream cheese pound cake last night and got to make many people very happy with it today.

I haven’t run for two days (yesterday my shins and ankles were very sore for some reason) and I kind of miss it.

Dana is going to be here very soon!

I wonder what we should have for dinner. I hope Dana hasn’t eaten yet so we can go out and get something. Cheebo?

I saw so many friends today on campus! Very random. Nice.

Found out what the music is, or at least who it’s by: film composer Mychael Danna. I didn’t catch which film the particular piece I enjoyed is from, but Danna’s most recent scores are The Nativity Story, Little Miss Sunshine, and Capote.

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