My 2006 in Photos

I’m still waiting for you lurkers to show yourselves.

Inspired by a friend’s journal entry, here is a month-by-month look at my 2006:

Me at the AHA Conference.
P1060070.Lisa quintessential traveler

Audrey’s birthday dinner at Primitivo.
2006 Feb - Audrey's birthday dinner - Lisa and Audrey

The original shower door of our current apartment (sadly, they replaced it with a newer one).

Twobugs at our Rosemary-thrown pre-wedding dinner at Versailles.

Right before we left for our wedding banquet (I’m holding directions, seating charts, and guest list).

Shra’s graduation dinner at Enotria.
Lisa and Erik with Lisa's dessert

Fourth of July dinner at our apartment.
Lisa and Erik

Our dear squeaker.

I get cozy with Tisha.
Lisa and Tisha

Jackie and Margaret at Race for the Rescues.
[photo removed]

The threesisters take a walk.

The family at Christmas.

That was fun!

[This post was imported on 4/10/14 from my old blog at I’m adding a bonus photo of the threesisters at Christmas, below. Enjoy!]

Threesisters sitting nicely


4 responses to “My 2006 in Photos

  1. šŸ˜€

    You just had to show me up and make your pictors look all snazzy with text. :] Well it looks very nice. And yes, it is lots of fun looking through the year in photos.


    • Lurker Visit

      Hi Lisa,

      I’m Edward, and ran across your comment on Metro Blogging, thought I would shout out, I’m here!

      Great photographs.

      Hope your staying warm tonight, it must be in the low 30’s right now.


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