Week off to a bad start

A flippant complaint:
In what way is 96° weather appropriate for November, less than three weeks from Thanksgiving?! Longtime Southern Californians seem to be enjoying it, but it’s driving me nuts, especially since I was just blissing out on Bay Area weather this weekend. Argh!!!

A stressed-out one:
In other driving-me-crazy news, this week is insanely busy for me with both school obligations and fun ones. It seems like there’s a consensus for this fall: why are we all so busy?!

And a real lament:
In other, sadder news…

Goodbye, Nala.
You fought the cancer bravely.
We will miss you, you beautiful, sweet girl.


[This post was imported on 4/10/14 from my old blog at satsumabug.livejournal.com. Nala was my best friend’s dog.]


5 responses to “Week off to a bad start

    • I know 😦 Jackie spent her entire summer up in Sacramento caring for Nala, and flew back to visit her monthly through the fall. Fortunately, when the end came for her, Jackie and her parents were all able to be there with her, so she wasn’t alone. But it was sad to see her succumb to disease, especially since she wasn’t even that old a dog. 😦

      I hope you and your household (plus new birdie!!) and family are all well!!


      • oh how sad! Send Jackie my regrets…poor beautiful white dog. Now I know about what she means by “huge, but dainty”. I am so sad for her!


  1. 😦

    Lisa- Please tell Jackie my sincere condolences for her loss! As for the 96 degree weather in SoCal, I for one, who is a Native to the core both to Socal and ethnically–am frustrated with hot weather. I would like a cool mist right about now. Take care


  2. We’ll miss that fuzzy smiley face

    I’m glad that she’s comfortable now. She had such good people caring for her. How is Simba doing? I hope he has somebody to keep him company now. Is Jackie doing okay? Give her my condolences.


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