Nice to be home

I had to go to the doctor’s this morning to get my blood drawn (a follow-up visit to the one three months ago, when they found out I have high cholesterol and triglyceride levels). It was drizzling and we had forgotten to bring an umbrella.

Mommy and I were walking up the path through the medical complex when a tiny black-and-white cat bounded out of the ivy and greeted us. It had a long, loud meow: “Mreoooowwww!” We were quite surprised, but returned its greeting. It talked to us some more and walked around us happily, ignoring a smiling man who passed us on the path. Mommy pounced on it long enough to check its collar and tag, which read “Paris” and had an address on the same street as the office. We reached the (outdoor) stairs to the second floor, where Paris responded to Mommy’s invitation to “come up the stairs with us, little cat,” by stepping up daintily. On the upstairs walkway it trotted ahead, still talking to us.

We were marveling at the friendliness and randomness of this little cat wandering the medical plaza — in the rain — when it jumped up to the handrail and began to walk along that.

“Paris,” Mommy mused. “Is that a boy’s name?”

“No,” I replied, “I think it’s a girl cat.”

We decided to check in the simplest way, so we bent our heads to peer at Paris’s bottom as the kitty pranced along the handrail. Before we could get a good look, though — oops! A quick sudden scrabbling of small paws on the wet handrail, and Paris had fallen off into the ivy one story below. I gasped and we both leaned over the handrail, but the little cat was on standing safely on its paws, just a bit dazed and now slightly wetter from the fall into the ivy.

After we watched Paris trot away, we walked on to the doctor’s office, where an unsympathetic lab staffer stabbed my right arm with a large needle and then sent me on my way. Outside, we looked for the kitty again, but it was gone.

It’s so nice to be home where the drizzle tells me it’s really fall. LA sunshine is pleasant, but it’s the grey Bay Area fall and winter weather that bring contentment to my heart. We went to the farmers’ market, where I spoke with friendly vendors and sampled their wares, and collected ingredients for a delicious cold lunch (photo to come when I return to LA).