Funny/disturbing link of the week

Learn English through aerobics!

You must have your sound on.

Be sure to check out the other episodes! (Click “more” in the comment on the right-hand side.) We are particularly impressed by the “Trouble” one because it’s so comprehensive: it goes from “Is the taxi on its way?” to “Spare me my life!” [original link removed, but the video above contains “spare me my life!”]

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3 responses to “Funny/disturbing link of the week

  1. try this one

    I watched a clip of that on the Soup on E one time. Thought it was crazy. It’s so funny. But look at this…


  2. interesting

    as far as i can tell with my limited knowledge of japanese, it’s an accurate (but not literal for obvious reasons) translation.

    I love the righteous indignation in their voices. I wonder what’s the purpose of teaching people such inane banter…

    • Re: interesting

      btw, this also confirms my theory that women in skimpy outfits can make people say or do anything they want.
      The next james bond villain has got to figure this one out and use it in his plan for world domination.

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