Jealous kitties

Lyapa is such a jealous girl! She’s lucky Tisha is such a mild-mannered boy, because otherwise he’d give her a smackdown indeed. He’s much bigger than she is, heavier, and faster (not to mention he actually has teeth, which surely must be an advantage in the cat-boxing ring).

Every time I try to pet Tisha, Lyapa will come running. As long as she knows I’m petting Tisha, whether she can see it from across the room or whether she hears me call him, she will come over and try to take over. This has happened many times already. I start petting Tisha and then seconds later Lyapa is there too, squeaking and sticking her head under my hand to be stroked. Then of course Tisha, who submits to Lyapa’s dominance (or as Erik hypothesizes, “he feels sorry for her because she is toothless,” to which I say, “pshhhh”), goes away and Lyapa gets lots of petting. It happens almost every time. Jackie thinks the only thing to do is “divide and conquer”: one person keeps Lyapa busy while the other gives poor Tisha some attention.

Tonight, not only did Lyapa do her usual thing and come running while I was trying to pet Tisha, but when Tisha lay down resignedly a few inches away, Lyapa went over and swatted at him with her claws out. Ooooh! Solid proof of kitty jealousy!

Even when there isn’t petting involved, Lyapa seems to be always beating up on Tisha. I don’t know why he puts up with it.

In looking over my recent journal entries, I’ve observed two distinct phenomena.
(1) I’m updating almost every day for the first time in months. This is a good thing.
(2) My entries are nearly all domestic. Look at my kitty-children! Look at my pretty nest! Look at my nice husband! Oh dear.

Hopefully, (2) is a purely newlywed thing and within a few weeks (or months) things will balance themselves again, without eliminating (1) from the picture.

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