Why I’m not as stressed this week

We now have KITTIES!!!

2006 April 28 - Handsome Tisha

This is Tisha, a handsome boy. I couldn’t get a better photo because he likes to sleep under the bed all day.

He’s a big big cat, very strong (pulled out the carrier door when we were taking him home, and started wandering around the car), and very smart (knows how to open all the doors in the apartment).

P4290011.Tongue sticking out

And this is Lyapa, a sweet little girl. She has no teeth! When her previous owner had her, she got a gum infection and had to have all her teeth extracted. Disturbingly, this doesn’t seem to affect her in any way, and she refuses to eat any food except dry food.


Lyapa has a really funny meow that sounds like a squeaky toy, and she’ll wander around the apartment squeaking and making little noises. It sounds like a little old lady is walking around humming to herself.

We adopted them from a Russian couple, friends of one of my professors (Buttercup‘s grandmother, to be exact). Tisha is a nickname for a boy’s name, and Lyapa is a made-up name that hints at awkwardness. They’re the sweetest cats ever and really wonderful pets; they’re easy to take care of (even for cats) and they’re affectionate and talkative.

I’ve noticed a definite drop in my stress level since they got here. What a pleasant surprise! We thought we must be crazy to adopt two new pets right before getting married, but really, it turns out that it was a wonderful decision.

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