In my dreams I cavort with celebrities

I had a dream last night that Jackie and I were all chummy with Charlize Theron. The three of us were outside walking together, arm in arm, and she was leading us off into a weird rocky area with uneven ground that looked like a construction area. I was very uneasy about going so far away from other people, into an area that looked so deserted, but she said it was where she’d filmed her last movie, and she wanted to show us the site. We walked down the bumpy dirt path for what seemed like forever, and still nothing turned up. I got more and more anxious but she had her arms firmly linked in mine so I couldn’t get away without having to directly shake her off. Plus, she kept smiling her beautiful seductive smile at us and then I would think, come on, this isn’t some serial killer, it’s Charlize Theron… highly erroneous reasoning, I realized even in the dream, but I don’t think any of us would be capable of resisting her in real life either. So we kept on walking.

Lisa’s famous dream analysis
Living in Hollywood is drawing me from my original focus, down the path of bad things. That makes me anxious and I keep thinking I should just turn my back on it and run away, but I’m sucked in by the glamour.

What prompted this
Ying, Jackie and I went shopping on Friday and I ended up spending an unjustifiably large amount of money on several beautiful and glamorous pieces: a jacket, a wrap, a scarf, a camisole, and a pair of earrings. I look fabulous in all of them, and they all go together, but they’re much more LA than most of my clothes: all of them have gold in them in some way (coloring, trim, metal)! Still, even though they’re not like the other clothes I own, they’re not things I wouldn’t wear, and (to my surprise when I tried them on) I still look like myself when I wear them — just a more glamorous version of my usual self. So they’re not exactly unwise purchases, just sort of frivolous. I felt very guilty for buying them (even though I love them, and put back several other things that I also looked great in but loved less, just so I wouldn’t spend quite so much), and I felt anxious that I shouldn’t have introduced Jackie to this store because she’s supposed to be saving money too. This bothered me a lot and that must be why I had that dream.

In other news…
Check out these completely adorable cupcakes I baked tonight!

2006 Mar 12 - CupcakeTrio

2006 Mar 12 - CupcakeCloseup

[This post was imported on 4/10/14 from my old blog at It may interest you to know that of the five glitzy articles I purchased, I still have three of them. I wore one of them practically into the ground, the earrings broke and I haven’t bothered to fix them though I should, and the scarf I wear constantly. The jacket and cami I almost never wore, and ultimately gave away.]