just another random thing

Last night, before the movie, Jason and Erik and I stepped into Lickity Split, where Jason and I each had, against our better judgment, a cup of frozen custard. Lickity Split has become sort of my Hollywood answer to Naia Gelateria, since it’s right next door to the Egyptian Theatre (where Jason and I see movies regularly), they’re generous with sample-giving, and they make their frozen custard fresh daily in a variety of flavors (like Naia). Last night I had one scoop of Strawberry Drizzle and one of Krazy Kookie. That was enough for me, but I was intrigued by a phrase on their list of toppings, so I asked the girl, “What is your chopped candy bar of the day?” She checked and it turned out they didn’t have one, so she was apologizing about that when a guy coworker said, “Now hang on a minute.” He looked me in the eye and stated in excellent showman-salesman style: “For you, your pick. We got Reese’s, Snickers, Heath Bar…”

Well, with that offer, how could I refuse? So I said I’d have Reese’s. He strode through the kitchen door, returned a minute later with a Reese’s package in hand, and proceeded to chop it up and sprinkle the bits all over my Strawberry Drizzle.

So I had peanut-butter-cup-topped frozen custard with my Seven Samurai.

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