Sale on reusable bags

Back in August, I wrote ecstatically about my discovery of Reusable Bags, a web store that deals exclusively in durable, reusable shopping bags, lunch boxes, drink bottles, etc. I added another entry after I received the bags, detailing what they looked like and how much I liked them. Since then, I’ve made excellent use of my purchases, especially the Evert-Fresh produce bags, which have dramatically lowered the amount of gone-bad produce I have to throw out every week, and the “brown paper bag” Earth Tote, which I use at least once weekly.

I’m very happy when I use my reusable bags, because it’s a small thing I can do for the environment. But lately, as I’ve gotten more busy and less organized, I’ve had to cram in grocery shopping where I can, and that usually means I forget to bring my Earth Tote out and end up having to use the store’s plastic bags again. For a time, that was good, because I’d run out of plastic bags to use for garbage, but now my stock has been replenished and I should start using reusable bags again. I was delighted to find today that Reusable Bags is having a sale on selected items. I’ve bought two more bags, so now I can always keep one in my car.

If you’re interested in trying out the bags, I really urge you to do it. As I said in my first entry on the subject, yes, the bags cost a little bit of money, but consider it a donation to helping save the environment.

Reusable Bags has its sale page here [link broken]. The Earth Tote is on sale, as are the mesh produce bags I bring with me when I go to the farmers’ market. Give them a try!

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