Reusable bags update

I just read a funny short story [link broken] about a guy who shows up daily at a startup, pretending to have a job there. No one finds him out, and he “quits” after he’s passed over by a wave of layoffs.

I received my order of reusable bags today. That was fast, I only ordered them on Monday! They came in a USPS box without annoying packaging, yay. Overall, I’m pleased, though I haven’t been able to try them much yet. The cotton produce bags went into the laundry. I’m looking forward to using them next Monday at the farmers’ market. I also need to wash the sandwich wraps, which appear to be tidy and nice, though the inside seems to made of sticky vinyl–we’ll see how that pans out. The Evert-Fresh produce bags have me pretty excited. They’re a cool matte-y texture and a pretty pale-green color, so they look nice in my fridge and are fun to touch. Right away, after I opened the package, I started transferring my produce to the new bags, and found that a lot of it had already gone bad–including a head of broccoli I only bought on Monday! So I’m eager to see whether these bags work. Obviously, I can really use them; my veggies don’t keep worth squat.

I’m perhaps most excited about my Earth Tote “paper” bag. It’s not quite like I expected; it’s soft, not rigid–I think it’s made of the same material that Jansport backpacks are–with quite silky webbing handles, and it does stand up alone and fold just like a normal paper grocery bag. It’s actually quite good-looking, and it has a useful outside pocket, too. I held on to it and checked how it looked in the mirror, and the funny thing is the nylon is exactly the color of a normal paper bag. So I expect from not too far away it looks like a regular bag in some kind of black-strapped cage thing. I think it’s going to confuse people when I take it out shopping.

I am so sick of doing work that it’s now a tremendous uphill battle every moment to get myself to do anything. I hate this. When I think of how much work I need to get done this week, I flip out. When I try to make myself start writing or reading or outlining, I also flip out. I think it’s called being burned out. Not fun, and not good for me in any sense, work, health, happiness, whatever. Any tips?

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