No updates for a while

The date of the exam approaches all too quickly, so I’m suspending updates till then–unless I really need a place to vent, but hopefully it won’t come to that. I’m trying my best to stay calm and just plow through the studying until D-Day, but it can be hard to quell the rising panic. In case you’ve never experienced this particular type of panic, let me tell you what it feels like:

I don’t know enough I will never know enough I’ve wasted my whole summer I am going to fail the exam and it will be all my fault for not studying Everyone else knows more than me I will be exposed for the fraud I really am I am so so screwed I need more time There aren’t enough hours in the day I hate studying and I don’t want to study one more minute But I have to But I don’t want to But I have to But I hate it But you have to DAMMIT AAAAAARRRRGHHHHHHHHHH
No no no no you can’t think like that. Deep breath. You can do it. *deep breath* Yes I can. Just keep going till it’s through and then you’ll be done. I can do it.
Suddenly remember something else I need to do, or don’t know, or forgot would be on the exam. Oh no…
DC al fine.*

And on that happy note, I return to studying.

*A musical term indicating: “Go back to the beginning and repeat till the end.”

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