Remember Cutco knives? High schoolers come round and sell them? Well, I now have painful proof that they’re quite sharp. I was at Aaron’s today with the mini-cohort, and stupidly got my thumb in the way while cutting some ciabatta. One cut somehow took out a triangular portion of my thumbnail, and it hurt quite a lot and bled for a while. It’s now wrapped in two Band-Aids and I’m trying not to use my left thumb at all because it stings when I do. Useful things, these opposable thumbs; everything’s a lot harder to do when I’ve only got one of mine in working order.

Working is going much better this week, but I’m still going nuts with it all. Can’t stop to think about it, because if I do, I still freak out.

I’ve been feeling really bad about not keeping in touch with friends and family during all this time I’ve been busy (like… the past six months, I’m sure). Apologies to you all, though I know they’re not much use. I’ve been finding out this year to my distress that it can be really hard to get up the energy to reach out to people. Some I’ve kept in contact with much better than others, but lately it’s pretty much been horrid all around. I am sorry, and sorrier still that I can’t promise any significant improvement until October at earliest.

Hope you’re all well and your thumbs all in one piece!

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