“is the greatest/Day I’ve ever known…”

Not really, but now I have that song stuck in my head, and it’s not leaving. Actually today was a very apathetic kind of “off” day. I spent much of it just lying around. Oddly enough, though, I got more done than I do on a lot of other days: read an article (for school), read a book (for fun), set up what felt like a billion Ebay auctions to get rid of a bunch of books I no longer need, washed dishes, washed clothes, tidied up a bit. In the evening, after it got cooler and my lethargy lifted a little, I even wrote a bit, and I’m very pleased with it. I started with what I thought was a short childhood memory and ended up filling four pages (handwritten) with all kinds of meditations. I think it’s a real first draft–not self-conscious like my attempts at fiction–and I’ll be even more pleased once I get it cleaned up, ‘cos then I’ll post it on my site for you all to read.

I’m pretty sleepy so I’ll just leave you with this to hopefully make you smile. My neighbor cat and I have made friends. He is very curious and he likes to follow me up to my apartment. When I came back after my time in San Jose, and Mommy and I were moving things from my car to my apartment, he sauntered into the apartment and explored everything. Earlier this week, he came into my apartment again and made himself so comfortable that he jumped on my bed and got ready for a nap. I didn’t like that, so I picked him up and set him outside where he looked indignant. Today when I went to take out the garbage he followed me up again, and I didn’t want him on my bed again so I didn’t let him in. So he moped around my door for a while, poking his paws around and standing up to try and reach the knob and find a way in. He looked so cute I almost couldn’t stand not letting him in, but I didn’t open the door. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore so I just shut the main door entirely. He protested sadly at me with many “mew”s before I closed the door. Poor Emmitt.


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