Joy of summer

I’m now done with all my obligations for the quarter! Consequently I went in search of inner peace today, in my own particular end-of-term kind of way: a happy mix of duty and pleasure, with a good chunk of it spent at home. First I braved the 90° day and went out and ran errands (post office, dry cleaners, some stuff on campus). After I’d finished those I could get to the fun business: I stopped by the farmers’ market just as they were closing, to snatch up some long-awaited peaches, and then I spent some time at the public library and left with a satisfyingly huge stack of books–all mysteries, children’s fiction, classic literature, and contemporary fiction–not a single history book among them!

Then I came home and found my doorstep decorated with two good-sized packages: a tasty order from Penzeys Spices and some cute things from Anthropologie that I’d ordered, including this sleeping/lounging top, which I proceeded to wear for the rest of the afternoon:

[photo unaccountably lost]

I spent the rest of the day reading Alcott’s Little Men and guzzling peaches. I’ve been craving peaches for so long. All year I look forward to the summer’s first peaches. Over the past few days I’ve missed several opportunities to get them at farmers’ markets, so I’ve only been more frantic to get some. When I finally picked up a few pounds of them at the market today, I breathed in their ripe fragrance with satisfaction, then eagerly washed and ate one as soon as I got home. Those of you who know my fruit-ing habits well will realize what a big deal it is for me to not cut a fruit before I eat it. ;b I just picked it up and bit. Several times during the afternoon and evening I found myself going back to the kitchen for more peaches. How I love summer fruit.

ADIDAS = All Day I Dream About Soccer

I am

AYIDAP = All Year I Dream About Peaches

Lots more photos to come soon, but only if I can tear myself away from the peaches and the fiction for long enough. ;b What a wonderful start to my summer.

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4 responses to “Joy of summer

  1. nice

    sounds like you had a great day.
    isn’t it great that grading is done? yay for summer.

    • Re: nice

      Finishing the grading was like having a huge weight lifted off my whole life, don’t you feel the same? I don’t know how Rosemary ever got through those 170 papers she had to grade!

  2. yay peaches!

    We have these delicious white peaches that I’ve been eating a lot of. 😀 But I am happy to know that you have finally gotten your peaches.

    I am using Daddo’s other laptop because mine is having problems and it might be the harddrive. if that is the case, then I’ve lost everything. :[ I hope not. But i guess I’ll prepare myself for the worst. I should have put my pictures somewhere else!! So many pictures gone. :[

    Anyway, can’t wait for you to come home in a couple weeks. We miss you!


    • Re: yay peaches!

      Mmmm… white peaches! I haven’t gotten any of those yet, but I will soon. 🙂

      Hope your laptop is okay. 😦 Do you have someone looking at it? You can always call Erik.

      I miss you all too!


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