Meter update

So I mentioned yesterday that for the past couple of days my annoyance meter had reached its limit. I just wanted to let you all know that the annoyance meter is now completely empty–meaning I’m feeling peace on earth and goodwill toward man (and woman, and any other folks, and animals, and plants…) once again. To this I owe thanks to:

-sleeping and not having tons of work anymore
-talking to Shra (and Honey, sort of) on AIM
-a pleasant surprise from Heather–kind and thoughtful repayment of a favor with more than it deserved
-finishing up with some bothersome details of grading student papers
-getting an email from my Aiyi
-getting a random call from Erik in the middle of the day, to check up on me after the earthquake (I’m fine–I hardly felt it)
-getting to see Rosemary’s photos from the OAH conference back in April
-talking to Mommy on the phone
-talking to Anna on the phone
-finishing some hand-wash-only laundry
-washing some dishes
-eating a good meal and reading Tintin

Feels good to be back again after being out of sorts.

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