Recap and prognosis

Hi there. I was just looking over my recent entries and they seemed kind of random. So I thought I’d write you a quick update to let you know what’s going on with me.

School isn’t always my first priority, but for the next couple of weeks it has to be. I’ve been very busy this quarter, and it’s all coming together (or falling apart) right now as the quarter nears its end. Before Wednesday, I have seven project proposals to evaluate, a ten-page lecture to research and write, and a big stack of 5-to-6-page papers to grade, and those are just the big deadlines. I’ve also got to read some articles and a book. After Wednesday, I’ll have more papers and soon fifty-odd final exams to grade, and a short paper to write. I’m sure I’m forgetting something, or maybe I’m just thinking of all the research and reading I should be doing all the time anyway. It’s a grinding workload, and I’m still not so great at time management, but I’ve learned a lot this quarter. I’m getting much better at figuring out how I work and what I need to do to be productive and yet stay happy and healthy. I’m also learning a lot about history and writing and teaching and researching, so there’s that to be glad about. As long as I cut myself a little slack–don’t beat up too much on myself for my own shortcomings–and just look at it all as a learning experience, I do okay, mentally.

But just so you know, if there aren’t many substantive updates in the next few weeks, this is why.

Yes, the engagement is fine and we are happy. Thank you to everyone who has congratulated us, especially those of you I haven’t yet had the chance to call/contact and thank: Jason, Joni, and I must be leaving someone out. Getting engaged has been a more stressful and emotional process than I ever imagined it would be–or rather, it’s the engagement announcement that has prompted the stress–and so I haven’t sent out an official email/letter yet, or even written a long post about my feelings. To be honest, as Sophie keeps reminding me to do, I don’t know how to respond to everyone else‘s responses. I’ve been putting off thinking about it because I’ve been so busy, but hopefully, as soon as the quarter finishes and I’m done grading those exams, I’ll be able to sit down (or go for a walk) and really think out what’s going on in my own self.

I’ll mention here that while I worked through most of Erik’s visit this weekend, we did have a pleasant evening out last night. Torafuku is about as nice as they say, and much more comfortable. I thought I would wear sexy shoes out, and I suffered from it. ;b (Though walking through Westside Pavilion after hours in my bare feet, holding my shoes, was fun.) So when we got to Torafuku and their seats were so cushy and their hand towels so hot and soothing, I was sooo grateful. The food was lovely. I’d like to go back there often.

Restaurant experiences aside, at home, I’m eating okay. I just invested about $25 in a bunch of spice mixes and things from Penzeys, and they’ve helped make my usual slapdash eating-while-working meals a lot tastier.

I’ve been doing a reasonable amount of exercise, too. Not as much as I’d like, and thanks to all my work my energy level has been really low lately and my body quite tired, but not as much as the horrible shoulder-neck aches I got at the end of fall quarter–when I first learned that stress and overwork can have be as debilitating for the muscles as for the brain.

I’m a bit crunched, but I’m not falling to pieces yet. I think I’m learning how to find a good balance between work, play, and taking care of myself.

So… hopefully that brings you up to date on what I’ve been doing lately and what to expect from me in the upcoming weeks. Hope you’re all doing okay. I’m looking forward to reading journals again and catching up with people once the quarter is over.

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