It’s all Okeh!

Erik’s here for the weekend, and he brought over his awesome new The Okeh Ellington 2-disc set. Gotta love the Duke!

Here, have a listen: [links broken, but I’ve inserted videos — where I could find them — that may not necessarily be the same version as on the album]

East St Louis Toodle-Oo, 1927, the captivating opening track of the set and a real period piece

Snake Hip Dance, 1929, a catchy danceable tune

Bugle Call Rag, a classic from 1928 (listen for a little quotation from “Yankee Doodle” near the beginning)

The Mooche, 1928, with truly fabulous vocals by Baby Cox

Enjoy! Now I get to grade papers and write a lecture, while poor Erik looks on. ;b

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