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Limited edition links list, just for you

Mindless entertainment
Tiny Plaid Ninjas
Episode 1
Episode 2

Weebl and Bob
My favorite: The Captain of the Farm
Pikea 1
I don’t like Pikea 2 much because the ending is nasty, but here it is
Pikea 3

MIT Hack Gallery – MIT students’ most elaborate pranks – people’s grocery lists.
I’m aware this bears a disturbing resemblance to some of our History 254A weekly assignment datasets. Sorry.

Orisinal – absurdly pastel-pretty games
I don’t love these games, but there certainly are many of them.

Bands compete with new songs around a theme/title of the week. You vote on your favorite.

Educate yourself
Herman Melville on chowder

Art of Chiura Obata
Incredible work by Japanese American artist Chiura Obata (1885-1975). Obata was born in Japan and was trained in classical Japanese watercolor techniques. He moved to California in 1903 and began visiting and painting Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada; his paintings show both Japanese and Western influences. In 1932 he became an art instructor at UC Berkeley (go bears!). In 1942 Obata and his wife were interned in Utah; he continued his work there by organizing an art school. After 1945 he returned to teaching at Berkeley. [I’ve mentioned him before.]

The Institute of Official Cheer
Immerse yourself in the kitschy goodness that is the history of American popular culture. On that note, have some old advertising slogans.

Speculate and/or Flip Out
I wasn’t going to reveal this until later; I had a big long entry planned that I was going to write on my weekend, which was excellent. Dinner at Beacon, my dance teacher’s performance at Highways, Acme’s A Day in the Life, lunch with Margaret. Grading papers, not so fun, but sometimes entertaining.

But you might as well know now. Erik was here from Thursday evening till today noon, and he gave me something pretty. (View from more angles here. [link broken])







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