Getting paid to do nothing

Quick, Bay Area people! You have a little more than a week to write an application for a Leisure Grant, which will give you $500 to pursue a leisure project of your choice. I don’t meet the criteria anymore (live or work in the Bay Area) or I’d totally do it! I can already think of so many projects I might describe in my application:

baking: a food processor, Silpat mats, a baking stone, baguette pans, Scharffen Berger chocolate, and other ingredients and implements
art: paints, brushes, canvases, a dropcloth and an easel; or, a paper cutter, handmade papers, more pens and inks and a caddy to keep them in
photography: equipment for my digital camera (or a whole new camera) and a tripod
personal library: books, bookshelves, and library supplies
my site: FrontPage, a couple of books on HTML and Flash, and maybe a new scanner to replace my old one that got juice spilled in it, or else some kind of PDA-type thing so I can update or at least jot down ideas while on the go
fitness: dance and yoga classes, running shoes, a hiking backpack, and some new exercise clothes
writing: good journals and good pens and maybe a good lamp

OMG, the list could go on and on… sewing machine… interior design book… so many things I’d love to do (and would get started on right away!) if I just had an extra $500 devoted to that purpose. I guess for the application I’d have to refine these things more from hobbies to concrete projects, but that’d be easy to do.

I don’t know if this Leisure Foundation is for real, but the grants are a fabulous idea and I only wish I were rich enough to have thought of them first. ;b What a wonderful bit of spread-joy-in-the-world philanthropy.

Well, if you live in the Bay Area, what are you waiting for???

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