The best smell

Ever since I finished off that loaf of bread from the Korean market, I’ve been craving more white bread. So tonight I thought I’d do a little baking.

Loaf in pan

Two loaves of slightly sweet white bread, from a recipe in Saveur a few years ago.

Two loaves

I’ve already eaten like half a loaf. I love bread.

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2 responses to “The best smell

  1. yumm…bread:)

    Thank you so much for the post…I really appreciate it…it looks like we might be going to school together again…but it’s not certain yet…I haven’t made up my mind yet…but it helps to know that you’ll be in the area:) The bread looks really good and the crust looks just wonderful…I can imagine a nice breakfast or tea would accompany such delectable victuals…heheh…I sound so antiquated. Well, I’m guessing you’re on your spring break…so have fun!

    • Re: yumm…bread:)

      You do sound antiquated, but I love that. One of my Berkeley English professors (a bit of an antique in his own right, albeit one with web publishing skills and an electric vehicle) told me once that he was suffering from some unknown malady while he was in London, and he went to a doctor and it turned out he had chilblains. “Chilblains!” he said. “Nobody gets chilblains except in Dickens!”

      Alas, I am not yet on spring break. Isn’t it horrible? I’ve got a really ghastly amount of work to do, and yet I’m baking pretty loaves of bread (and cookies) and playing on the internet. Sigh. But bread is so much easier to digest (pun intended) than postbellum American intellectual life, which is the most urgent of the things I’ve got to do before next Wednesday.

      I am so seriously excited about your UCLA news. Stoked, dude. That’s how excited I am, that I’m actually using the word “stoked.” !

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