Everybody dance now

Remember that post in which I told you I’ve started dancing by myself in my apartment? Dana just showed me this video and made me thankful I don’t have a roommate! Guy catches roommate on camera, playing music on his laptop and just dancing along. Actually, he’s not bad at all, and I totally love how uninhibited he is. I like the ending. I don’t think this guy needs to be ashamed that he’s all over the internet. But for my own peace of mind I’m just glad I don’t have to be paranoid now every time I break out into dance that there’s a hidden camera somewhere in the room!

In other news, I’ve just baked some muffins for a midnight snack. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

Inspired by the dancing white boy video, I’ve made my own interpretation for your amusement. Go here [link broken, but photo re-uploaded below] and use the horizontal scroll bar! (If you’re using Windows XP, you’ll probably have to zoom in.)

[click on image to zoom]


The muffins are not bad. They are New Orleans Poppy Seed Corn Muffins, sans poppy seeds, from the teatime book I mentioned yesterday. They taste like cornbread-y muffins with Parmesan in them. Not out of this world, but they are indeed very satisfying and I’ll probably bake them again sometime.



Oh and I almost forgot! I was restless last night so I made something for you.


(The comment at bottom refers to this project for History 7A, freshman year at Berkeley.)

2000 - Women's suffrage comic strip

**edit the second**
Last one last one! I hope. Here’s a funny video [link broken] I heard about from JibJab. It’s not one of theirs, but it made them laugh and me too.

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