The rest of my day following my last entry:

Went to see Margaret and her new place. Wonderful to hang out with another person again, someone I already know and not someone I met in LA! She has a very cute place with some weird local fauna–we saw a skunk and then a possum. I’ve never seen either so up close. Margaret took me to a local bakery and I got a cream horn. Then we stopped at an Indian restaurant and I had the best mango lassi ever. (Dana: I’ll take you there next time!) Very flavorful with a nice tang.

When I left it was raining and because I am a prepared kind of nut case I actually had an umbrella on me. Now I might know, though, why Marni used to complain good-naturedly, “Californians! It rains and no one knows what to do.” I was stuck on a ten-block stretch of Hollywood Boulevard for almost forty minutes. At Hollywood and Highland–right where the Walk of Fame, the Chinese theater, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, etc. are–it was so bad that I was at the crosswalk through two green lights, unable to move an inch. Lots of horn-honking, a crazy and overly cheerful guy carrying a Jesus sign, and then finally we could go. A few blocks later the traffic was all gone. Crazy tourists.

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