Today’s events.

Got up pleasantly late, 10.30 am.

Did about forty minutes of ballet stretches (mostly pliés) and ab work, from my New York City Ballet Workout DVD.

Filling breakfast: fresh-squeezed orange juice, scrambled eggs with cheese and that veggie diced “ham” that tastes like char siu, toast with Mommy’s raspberry jam and butter. The bread is what I made myself the other day using my new-but-used breadmaker. I don’t know if it’s the breadmaker itself, which is quite old, or that the yeast activated too early because of the timed setting, but the bread was very dense and the top looked like it imploded. But it’s not bad bread and it reminds me a little of the bread we ate at home all through high school.

Showered, checked email etc.

Went to used book sale at the library and picked up four trade paperbacks and five Archie Comics double digests for $3.25! It would have been a dollar more but I only had three ones and a twenty and the lady said she’d just take the three since she had no change. Books: Erica Jong, Fear of Flying; Barbara Kingsolver, Prodigal Summer; Ann Patchett, Bel Canto; E. Annie Proulx, The Shipping News. Haven’t read any of them but have heard good things about almost all.

Stopped at Mashti Malone’s on the way back and got a scoop of ginger rosewater ice cream. I feel like I can’t compare it to other ice creams because most of them are sweeter, but it wasn’t bad. Next time I’ll try a more mainstream flavor (they have plenty) for comparison purposes. A funny thing: ice cream is cold but ginger is warming. I was eating and thinking, I know this is cold, but it doesn’t really feel cold. Interesting sensation.

Now I really need to do some reading… and not all those books I bought!

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