A slight shock

Age is a funny thing. I used to think twenty-two was so old; after all, by that time you’ve graduated from college and might be married, working, parenting, or all of the above. It’s only in the past couple of years that I’ve realized just how young I really am. Isn’t it silly that when you most need this information you don’t have it? Middle school kids think they’re so mature. There’s nothing to compare with, and anyway you’re older than you’ve ever been! I wonder if I’ll ever feel old. Now there’s an immature statement if I ever heard one, but it may not be far wrong.

I had a slight shock today when I looked at a photo and realized something about someone else’s age. Karolina Kurkova is a stick-thin leggy blonde, probably best known to you all as the girl in this and other Express ads:

I’d never given any thought to her age, but when I saw a more candid photo [link broken], I could see just how young she is. I googled her and found out she’s just Shra’s age. Eep. Once again I give thanks that I’ve never been beautiful or smart or talented enough to be that famous while so young. I’m sure it’s wildly exciting, but it must be so confusing.

edit: If the picture link didn’t work for you, go to this page [broken also, of course] and open the very last featured photo.

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