I am now a graduate of UC Berkeley, with a bachelor’s degree in history. Somehow this doesn’t sound as interesting or impressive as I used to think it might. But I certainly have enjoyed the ride.

Graduation itself was fun, if not quite what I expected. As I said earlier, the actual ceremony was anticlimactic, and over in a flash. As soon as we’d walked across the stage, Leah and I turned to each other and said, “That was it?” We wanted to get up and walk again but figured other people wouldn’t be too happy about it. ;b The whole thing took two hours, less than anticipated, and before I knew it I was out in Lower Sproul looking for my family. The reception was not bad. The food was better than I expected: grilled vegetables, chicken skewers, pesto pasta in little takeout boxes (inspired no doubt by my thesis ;b), cookies, Brie, fruit and champagne. The schmoozing was somewhat less than exciting, as there were so many people I didn’t know, but I still had fun.

It still hasn’t sunk in yet that I’m done (well, until I start at UCLA in September that is…). I mean, I’m still here at work in Doe Library typing this up. It’s my last day at work though, so there’s another “last” for the long list. I don’t feel… ready… yet to write a long entry full of thankyous to all the people I want to celebrate, so that will be forthcoming. And I still need to write another entry about my thoughts on college and on leaving. Well, as Mommy commented at the post-commencement reception, “now you’re a puddinghead,” and it’s true. My life has been so chaotic in the past few weeks, most of it is a blur. All that stands out, well, at the moment what stands out is that I’m hungry, but never mind that. Frankly nothing stands out. I think after a little bit more time, some more sleep and time to myself, past events will settle down and I’ll be able to give them the thoughtful consideration they merit.

In the meantime, enjoy my pictures from graduation! Make sure to check out my cool stockings and shoos. 🙂 And don’t forget to read the captions. [I’ve re-uploaded a few of the graduation photos. No captions though.]

P5210008.Daddo, Lisa and Mommy

P5210011.Erik and Lisa

P5210025.Prof Laqueur, Lisa and Prof Henkin

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