Sad :(

Scribbled note attached to some metal lamp parts on the common table in my apartment building’s lobby:

“For whoever stole/took my silver lamp (even though I had a note on it saying ‘Please don’t take‘): here are the parts to attach it to a table, base for desk use.

You are EVIL b/c my father gave me that lamp for college & he just passed away.

I hope terrible karma comes back to you threefold.”

Boy, I hope the original note didn’t fall off the lamp before the perpetrator took it. Lots of people have been moving out lately and for days there has been free stuff all over the table, including a framed black-and-white Hallmark-type print, some kind of electric pore cleaner (from what I could discern from the box) (hopefully unused) and some very cool vintage camera cases which appeared this morning. I saw them before Shra and Erik and I left for breakfast at La Note, and since they were still there when we returned, I selected one and took it. I’m hoping now that a note didn’t fall off of it!

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