Oh, the last day of dance. What a lovely ending though–both Erik and Margaret came to watch, and it worked out nicely because Erik had to leave early and Margaret had to come late. For our very last run across the room, Marni told us to just do slow walks, then she stood in the middle of the room and held out her arms to us in celebration and gracious welcome. I and many others teared up immediately upon seeing this lovely and very Marni gesture. She hugged and kissed us all in this impromptu receiving line. Some of the people who’d been first in line ran around and came back for another round. 🙂 There ensued much laughter, but sadness too. I will miss that class and the individuals in it. We made a contact list though; hopefully that will keep us all in touch. And there was a party after noon, and there Maggie had a small triumph. Sort of. Heh. Her opinion may differ from mine. ;b

I now am officially done with all my classes at Berkeley… and my only response is: how? how? what?

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