Pictures galore

This took forever, but here we are.

Saturday morning Erik and I went out for a long walk around Berkeley. We spent some three or four hours taking photos of the campus, with a detour to La Note for breakfast. Here are the results of that excursion. The photos are meant to be viewed sequentially, in the order in which they appear in the album. If you’re familiar with the campus, I think you’ll enjoy looking at them and figuring out the path we took on our walk. Don’t worry about the photo captions because there aren’t any.

[original album is no longer online, but I’ve re-uploaded a smaller selection below]

UC sign2

Drive to West Gate2

West campus and the hills2


Strawberry Creek


Eucalyptus path

Eucalyptus bridge



Steps by Dwinelle2

Doe Library

Bridge to Faculty Glade

Faculty Glade

Erik seated with glasses

Happy bugs

Lisa tilting to left

South Hall

Stephens Hall



Sather Gate2

Walkway between California Hall and Doe2

Haas Pavilion


I’ve also posted many more photos from the Senior Cruise, as promised, here. [images removed, but see linked post]

As always, check my photo page [no longer available] to see all the links. Are there some new links at the bottom of the page? There just might be!

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