Hmm’s physical attraction test thinks this guy is “my type”:

[image link broken, alas!]

Interesting. He’s good looking, but he’s not the most attractive guy I thought I saw in the test. Goes to show how much they know.

currently: about to take a shower

update: I took one about women, too, just to see how my results came out. Erik and I disagree greatly about what makes a beautiful woman. Let’s see… according to the test, this is the woman I find most attractive:

[image link broken, of course]

Eh. Same comment as for the men: there were definitely women I found more attractive in the test. Oh but wait. There’s another type of woman who has what they call “unique traits”: I find her attractive but a lot of other people might not. Here she is:


I am also pickier about women than men. Huh.

It’s funny, though, now that I think about it. I don’t know about men, but my taste in women has definitely changed over the years. In high school I thought Gwyneth Paltrow was the epitome of female attractiveness: tall, slender, elegant, smooth, perhaps a bit aloof. Now my female ideal, given that I like my own looks a lot, comes a lot closer to Santia in my dance class: extremely strong but incredibly graceful and stunningly elegant, active, with a generous smile.

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