Cat’s out of the bag

So I’m lying on my bed, facing the wall, talking to Erik on the phone. Shra’s cat, Honey, is playing around on the floor. Suddenly I hear this incredible racket. In a moment I realize what must have happened: there’s this plastic bag I brought things home from my apartment in, a big one that Honey likes to jump into from time to time. It’s not a soft plastic bag like the kind you get at Safeway, but the crinkly kind that’s a little thicker and makes a loud rustle. Honey has gotten stuck in the bag, and now she’s freaked out and running around desperately trying to get out of the bag. I hear the racket of the bag crinkling as Honey flies from one end of the room to the other; every time it changes directions there’s a loud thump. Thanks to the bag on her head, she can’t see, so she’s slamming into walls and furniture, and she’s going so fast that every time she hits something it makes a loud thump. This is all happening within seconds–I haven’t even turned around yet to get a good look. I’m in the middle of turning around, when I feel catfeet on my legs and the bag scrambles over me. I turn around and at that moment Honey makes a frantic leap, into the wall (another thump) and somehow frees herself of the bag. The bag drops, Honey shoots off in the other direction and dashes under the bed. I’ve never seen any animal move this fast.

It’s a couple of minutes before I can pull myself together enough to tell Erik what’s going on. Fortunately, he likes the sound of my laugh.

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