Love Actually

Love actually is thoroughly enjoyable. Oh, and Love Actually is pretty good too. ;b Sorry, couldn’t resist. Anyway, Erik and I went to see it today, keeping up a casual tradition in my family of Thanksgiving-weekend movie-watching. I’d been wanting to see the movie for a while but it was Erik who suggested we go. His brother Brian, who is a pretty accurate arbiter of taste in most things, recommended it. So we went to the newly remodeled Oakridge Mall, which is now so huge and glitzy and shiny and crowded it doesn’t at all resemble its humble unremodeled self. We made fun of it, but I have to admit the theatre seats were quite cushy and comfortable.

As for the movie itself, I really liked it, and so did Erik. It’s a more real love story (or, rather, set of love stories) than those presented in most movies, particularly romantic movies, perhaps because it’s not an American film and doesn’t feel obligated to bring everyone to a pat, happy end. The actors are all very well cast (I especially like Bill Nighy and Rowan Atkinson, but really I loved them all), and the sets are just lovely. Lots of very funny moments. It was refreshing to see Hugh Grant in the role of Prime Minister. The last part of it contains what I consider the best love scene I’ve seen yet onscreen. Involves running through an airport. You’ll know when you see it. It’s not, er, a “family movie” so don’t go see it with the family! That said, it is adorable and uplifting, and as unsappy as a romantic movie can possibly be. AND there’s Portuguese in it! Go see! It will make you laugh and feel happy.

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