Mineisha’s story

I was really tired today, I don’t know why. I woke up more as the day went on, but I’m still really sleepy and think I might go to bed soon.

Highlights of my day:
after a mention of fanqie chao jidan in Chinese class, I just had to have some. I made scrambled eggs with tomato, bok choy, and onion, over fresh rice noodles. SO GOOD.
this was fun because I wrote a story for Mineisha. Last time we’d been practicing reading, and she was really fidgety and eventually decided to stop because the book was boring. I asked if she’d be more willing to read something that was about her, and after a moment’s pause to think, she said yes. So I wrote her the first installment of a long story–I plan to write another chapter every week. I’m quite proud of it actually. I’ll post it online so you can read, though you won’t get to see what the pictures looked like because my scanner is broken. Go here [link broken, but see bottom of post]. Oh yes and I spelled her name wrong in the story. It’s Mineisha, not Minesha.
dinner and studying night at Xanthe’s:
Xanthe has the cutest place ever. I walked around all night saying “cute,” I kid you not. Her cutting boards are cute, her teapot is cute, her bookshelves are cute, everything in her apartment is adorable. And it’s classy adorable, not Hello Kitty or something. She has this great studio way up on Northside, behind someone’s house, and she has beautiful furniture (and an antique piano, sighhhh) and these really cute (there’s that word again) cheerful yellow countertops, and everything. I kept looking around and I think I’ve learned a few things about how to make a place nice. Over the course of this week I hope to be able to apply some of those learnings to my own apartment. We’ll see. 🙂

Other than that, I did some more thinkings about future and grad school today. Still have to see what comes of those.

[This post was imported on 4/10/14 from my old blog at satsumabug.livejournal.com. Mineisha’s story is no longer posted online, but I’ve pasted an excerpt below, sans pictures.]

Mineisha’s Adventure

Chapter One

Last Wednesday, Mineisha was walking home from school and thinking about things. She wondered, “Did there used to be dinosaurs living where my house is now?” “What’s 15,213 divided by 3?” “If I was a cat, would I have spots or stripes?” “What’s for dinner?” You can see Mineisha is a smart girl with lots of thoughts in her head.

Mineisha was so busy thinking, she forgot to watch where she was going, and she bumped into someone.

“Sorry!” she said.

“That’s okay, Mineisha,” said the person she bumped into.

Mineisha was surprised. “Hey!” she said. “How do you know my name?” Then she looked up at the person, and she was even more surprised. It was not somebody she knew. It was a very tall man, taller than any person she had ever seen before. Mineisha thought, “Maybe he plays basketball or something.” But he looked like he was even taller than a basketball hoop. It wouldn’t be fair for someone that tall to play basketball, because nobody could beat him. And he was funny looking, too. His face looked young, but his hair was a sort of silver color. When he turned his head, his hair looked light green. He was wearing a purple jacket and orange pants, and his left shoe was different from his right shoe.

Mineisha felt a little weird. She looked around to see if anyone else was staring at the strange-looking man. There were other kids and grown-ups walking around, and lots of people driving by in their cars, but no one even noticed the strange man. She looked at him again. He smiled at her. He looked friendly.

“Mineisha,” he said, “I need your help. Will you help me?”

Mineisha was worried. She knew she wasn’t supposed to go places with strangers, and this man was definitely a stranger, even though he knew her name. Anyway, he hadn’t told her what he needed her help for.

“There’s a big problem where I live,” he said, as if he could read her mind. “Nobody has any food because the garkles have invaded the farms and they’ve eaten all the bittens.”

Garkles? Bittens? Mineisha was even more confused. Was he talking another language? That couldn’t be, because she understood all the other words he said. And he wasn’t trying to make her go with him. She could probably say no if she wanted to. But what about those people he was talking about? Maybe they would starve if those gark things ate all their… what did he say they were called? Mittens? No, bittens.

“Um,” said Mineisha, “I don’t know. Can I ask my mom first?”

“Of course,” said the stranger. He smiled. He started walking toward Mineisha’s house. Mineisha wondered how he knew where her house was, but she was starting to be less surprised. Everything seemed to be a mystery today.
When they got to Mineisha’s house, her mom came out. When she saw Mineisha with the strange man, she looked surprised. Mineisha thought she was going to ask who he was, but instead, she did something unexpected.

“Oh, Mr. Snafu, how nice to see you,” she said to him. “Did you run out of sushi again?”

“I’m afraid not,” he replied. “This time I am here because there is a serious problem in Kog. The garkles are eating all the bittens!”

Mineisha’s mom looked very serious. “I see. Are they eating the quellies too?”

Mr. Snafu shook his head. “Not yet. But who knows what will happen. You know how garkles get when they start eating.”

Mineisha’s mom nodded. “Yes, they’re just like teenage boys. Well, Mr. Snafu, I guess you want to borrow Mineisha then to help you out.”

All this time Mineisha had been listening and staring with her mouth open. Who was this Mr. Snafu and how come her mom knew about him and his weird life? And how come her mom knew he wanted her to help him? She was about to ask her mom, but her mom was going back inside the house.

“Bye, Mineisha,” she called to her as she walked inside. “Good luck with the garkles. I know you can get rid of them. Be home in time for dinner! We’re having spaghetti and meatballs.”

“Come on, Mineisha,” said Mr. Snafu. “Just jump in this hole and we will be on our way.” He pointed at a hole in the sidewalk. Mineisha walked on that sidewalk every day, so she knew that hole was not there before. Anyway, it was a very weird hole. Mineisha didn’t like it. It was shaped a little bit like a mouth, with fangs, and the inside of it was pink, like a tongue.

She was afraid it was going to eat her. “Please hurry,” Mr. Snafu begged her. “Any minute now the garkles might be starting on the quellies!”

Mineisha jumped into the hole . . .