Working on Mineisha’s story

I’m working on the next installment of the story I’m writing for my fourth-grade tutee, Mineisha. (Read the first installment here.) This one is turning out to be considerably harder to write than the first one, because I’m trying to bring us into two whole new worlds: the world of Kog (Mr Snafu’s home), and the sort of portal thingy leading from Mineisha’s neighborhood to Kog, which I’ve conceived as a very exciting ride. But because it’s a bit challenging to me, conceptually, to come up with descriptions for these places, this second installment is taxing to write, and it’s coming out a lot more densely worded than I want. The fact that this part is just by necessity less dialogue-driven and more description-based of course complicates my problem. The beginning of the story was just a breeze to write, easy and yet so much fun. Now I’m remembering why writers aren’t constantly elated. ;b This stuff is hard! Anyway, I’m going to leave it alone for tonight and have another go at it tomorrow or the day after. I’ll post it when I’m finished.

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