aaa KITTY!

I was walking down Haste when the nicest kitty just walked out of the bushes and meowed at me. A short-to-medium-hair tabby, much like Gracia and Moony but with less white. She was so friendly and purry that I sat down to pet her for a while, and she just kept curving around me and head-butting me and talking to me. It was funny because three other people walked by, and the kitty had different responses to each of them. As soon as they stepped across Ellsworth, she would become alert and look at them. One was a guy who spit on the ground and looked grumpy. When he got close the kitty went back into the bushes. As soon as he was past she came out and was nice again. Another guy walked by, no spitting this time but seemed not very interested. Again the kitty went into the bushes until he was past. Then came a middle-aged woman who was leaving a message to her daughter on her cell phone. When she came near the kitty went to her and meowed. The lady was apparently in a hurry, so she said “nice kitty” and walked on. Smart cat. Cautious. After I’d been there about five minutes I thought I’d better go home, so I told the kitty I had to leave but she followed me about halfway down the block before she turned around. While she was following me another man came toward us. This time she had no bushes to go into, so she stepped behind me and stayed there until he passed. So. If you don’t believe animals can tell who likes them…

I want a kitty!!!

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