what happens in boring lectures

Today I was so physically tired and so sleepy that even I couldn’t believe it. I almost really fell asleep, and I never do that because I dislike sleeping in public. I didn’t quite get enough sleep, but my mental facilities are okay. It’s just that I’ve been a bit physically taxed today. Yoga was wonderful. I tapped into either some muscle strength or some mental capacity (or both) that I didn’t have before, so I was able to get a lot deeper into most of the poses. Of course this also meant I worked myself harder. Same thing in dance. I’m not a good dancer but I’m doing really well for me, and Carol has noticed and complimented me on my prances and my little jumps (each sentence of praise comes with a criticism, of course, but I don’t mind). So of course I worked hard in dance too. By the time I got to actual class my body just wanted sleep and a shower. After an hour of class, I also found out that my knees are sore. I’ve had them hurt before but they’ve never been sore. It’s a weird new feeling.

Anyway so all this sleepyness meant when I got to my geography lecture (Jennifer knows about this–but he wasn’t sitting anywhere near me this time!) I was ready to just zonk out on the spot. My geography professor isn’t a particularly captivating lecturer, but she notices when people do other things in class so I couldn’t pull out anything else to do. I tried to think of something to do that would keep me awake but would still look like I was taking notes. I came up with making a list of what I like to eat. I know, you are laughing, but what else involves minimal thinking but potentially neverending writing? I’m sure Prof Hsing thought I was taking the most detailed notes ever. So if you are interested in what I like to eat, read on. It’s such a long list (an hour and a half of lecture, after all) that I’m only pulling about every fifth item or so… and don’t tell me you’ve never done anything equally pointless in a boring lecture. I know you have.

1 garlic, in everything but best roasted or minced raw
2 ripe avocadoes with salt
3 Brie
4 buttermilk pancakes with pure maple syrup
5 mayonnaise, homemade or Best Foods
6 palak paneer
7 fried shrimp balls
8 oatmeal raisin cookies
9 white peaches
10 fake crab
11 okra
12 frosting
13 saltines
14 deep fried soft shell crabs
15 Bear’s Ramen House seaweed noodle soup
16 La Note’s tomates provençales (grilled herbed tomatoes)
17 those little flat fried chive dumplings in dim sum
18 Mommy’s pesto sauce, because it’s gritty and strong, not creamy like most others
19 caramelized banana in desserts
20 buttery fresh walnuts and pecans
21 spinach
22 fried chicken, which is unfortunate because I don’t eat chicken anymore and haven’t yet found a satisfying substitute (I think there is none)
23 ricotta
24 vanilla bean ice cream with any fruit or anything containing fruit
25 Shao Xing wine in anything (it’s a cooking wine, not drinking!)
26 marzipan
27 tuna melts on wheat, preferably with Cheddar

I think that’s enough for now…

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