Berlioz says meow

I must say regretfully that Erik and I went to the SF Symphony last night and the performances were largely forgettable. I guess it’s hard to interpret anything as famous as Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony in a way that will appeal to everyone. The second half was good, but didn’t cancel out the first two movements, or the first half of the program (nothing wrong with the playing, we just don’t like Strauss). But we had fun anyway. So it’s okay.

I’ve never had Erik spend the night before when I had school the next day and he had work. But I’ve been in a great mood all day (you can ask Shra how hyper I was around noon). Erik is good for me. 🙂

Mini-poll: Who thinks Berlioz would be a good name for a cat? If you say yes, do you think he’d be a big, ponderous, important cat, or a little, jumpy, spritely one? Shra and I disagree.

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