It’s an okay day after all

I woke up this morning feeling like a slug, and an uncoordinated one at that. I got to dance still feeling yucky, so I just prepared to have an off-day. But instead it went okay, and when we were coming in from the side (which means a few of us go at a time instead of everyone doing the same thing all at once) Carol put me in the leading group, which I have never done before but which is not really too scary as it turns out. I guess leading made me focus in a way that I might not have done otherwise, so by the time I got to Chinese I was (finally!) awake. Then in Chinese we had to go talk about food, so now I am hungry. We talked about qingzheng yu (steamed fish) and jielan niurou (broccoli beef) and bocai doufu tang (spinach and tofu soup) and xiao baicai (small Chinese cabbage), and although I don’t eat some of those things I can think of plenty of comparable dishes that I do eat… mmmm… I miss good Chinese food. As soon as I get a little extra money… or go with my parents, I suppose… I want to get some real Chinese food. 😀

Excitement of the day: I met someone else in my Chinese class who has my same last name! I’ve never met anyone with our name outside of my family (though according to the CalNet Directory there are nine of us here). Exciting exciting. And he spells it the same way in English, too. First name Alan if anyone cares to know.

Time to email my Chinese skit group and either shower or eat something…

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