Family dinner

Ahh, it’s wonderful to be back in Berkeley, and Shra’s staying with me until Thursday, too! Our family spent a fun weekend in Shingle Springs with Jackie’s family, and tonight when they dropped off Shra and me, we had dinner at Unicorn.

You might already know that I love Unicorn, but much to my amazement, this time it was even better than it used to be. Their presentation is more polished–Mommy’s chicken curry came in a really interesting asymmetrical white bowl, while Daddo’s garlic prawns and scallops arrived in a lidded silver dish that looked like a miniature wok, complete with stand–and they brought us a starter before our meal: tiny glasses of mango sorbet with champagne (champagne optional, for those who preferred no alcohol). From the first bite, Daddo was impressed, and he is not easily impressed. “This restaurant is very good,” he remarked mid-meal. “Let’s come here again.” I loved it.

I am having a happy.

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