Hey, does my Wednesday (13 August) entry sound like 1 am mad ramblings or what? What I meant was, how can you tell the difference between a superficial wanting (saying “I want to go to Harvard” because it’s a big name) and a deep desire (“I want to go to Harvard” because you know something about it and honestly feel it’s the best place for you)? And if it is a deep desire versus a superficial wanting, does that really mean anything–does really wanting to go there actually make Harvard the best place for you? If so, then aren’t you screwed if you don’t get into Harvard?

I am not thinking about Harvard, I’m thinking about something else. But I might add that when I did apply to colleges, I applied to Harvard because it was a big name, and eventually both Harvard and I agreed it was not the right place for me. ;b

And now that I’ve typed “Harvard” more times in succession than I ever have, I think it’s a funny-looking name. I mean, har vard? That sounds like Swedish or something.

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