Southern food

Hoo boy. Good food day. Lots of artery-clogging, but delicious, fried catfish and shrimp, and an amazing lemon pie. Those were from the NC State Farmers’ Market. I wish I could say it was organic, but I don’t think so. I didn’t buy any produce anyway.

Now I think I have also discovered a new favorite food store: A Southern Season. My relatives here have always brought us stuff from there when visiting, but since it was always nuts or chocolate-covered fruit I never realized before what a great shop it is. Their candy section is fabulous, as is their coffee and tea area. I bought two chocolate bars to bring on the plane home: one Belgian dark with pink peppercorn, and one Spanish dark with almonds. Believe me when I say it was a difficult choice!

I am also pleased by the sensitivity of my taste buds. 🙂 I correctly discerned that there was coconut in the Cherry Buds Shra bought.

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