Still in North Carolina

I’ve had so much to say lately, I haven’t even bothered to post it because it’d take too long and I don’t like typing on a laptop. But I just have to share some of the EEENteresting events of today…

We went to Winston-Salem, south of here, and I guess because Chapel Hill is a college town, it felt like we were leaving (relative) civilization and heading into scary South territory. Boy do I love the North and the West!

For lunch we went to a little place called Stamey’s. I suppose it’s good at what it does, but I find it a scary place. For starters, it’s across from the Greensboro Coliseum and it’s got a drive-through. Also, we were practically the only nonwhite people there, and we were also among the youngest. A pair of old women near us glared at us suspiciously, while a blond guy with a beard kept looking in our direction for some reason that we hoped was not our tank tops. Shra and I were pretty uncomfortable, though our aunt and uncle didn’t seem to mind. Gong-gong (Grandpa) always looks dignified, and obviously Albert, being three, didn’t notice a thing.

I became even more uncomfortable when I looked at the menu, which has few options and certainly nothing vegetarian unless you count coleslaw, which I dislike anyway, and rolls. I ordered side dishes only. My lunch was $1.98, including tax, and 90 cents of that went to iced tea (too sweet). Is that not alarming already? I didn’t realize you could still get food for that cheap! I had baked beans, which I am sure had meat in them, but I had to at least look like I was eating something. They were eighty cents and came in a styrofoam bowl. I also had a roll, which was an unbelievable fifteen cents, and which also came on a styrofoam plate. The food was not yucky, but was boring–very cafeteria ish–and I just felt so… “why are we here?!” Scary scary place. Shra and I felt sooo stared-at, and no one seemed inclined to smile, either. Just a lot of suspicious looks, a lot of old people, and a lot of hush puppies, which are weird looking things. I was glad Shra was with me, and also that I’d had a good breakfast!

We passed a lot of equally disturbing sights along the way. A gun store, several pawnshops, and loads of billboards along the highway. There were many advertising “Dockside Dolls–Gentlemen’s Club of the Millennium” with photos of extremely ditsy looking women, two for “Executive Suite–Exotic Gentlemen’s Club” (Shra and I were not curious to know what was meant by “exotic”, though the name “Executive Suite” amused us), one “Bless Our Troops”, one “America–Unity/Pass It On”, one “What are you doing Sunday before the game?–God”, and one “Jesus is the world’s savior/Will you make him yours?” Frightening. We saw one bit of graffiti in Winston-Salem. In black paint, on the side of a wall, was written in clear capital letters: “GOD”. If that’s not a nickname or an acronym, they’ve got some weird folks down here.

Anyway all in all it’s not been a bad day, because in Old Salem town we visited their bakery and I learned about their wood-fired brick oven and I drank limeade and ate sugar cake, both of which were very yum. ;b And pecan fudge, Shra’s idea. But I certainly am looking forward to getting back to California…

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